Don’t be too safe: Make a mistake every day

So my message for today is make a mistake every day.
If a day goes by and you can’t identify a mistake that you’ve made, some kind of failure that you’ve had in that day, then it sounds to me like you’re really not doing anything noteworthy, nothing new, nothing different, not even the same old thing with a slight variation, just complete safety, complete repetition.
In every day there should be at least one mistake, one failure, and it can be useful to go back over it.
In the case of my day, today my fail was I was helping my brother to edit a podcast and I realized that I am terrible at audio editing.
It’s very painfully slow, and I was unable to do the editing that I had said I would do, and it’s led into this idea of hiring an audio editor to do that.
But it did hit me with a disappointment that I was unable to complete a task that I had assigned myself.
Yesterday my mistake was just sending a message, I replied to a message, and the things I said were kind of stupid.
You know, it’s when you’re writing messages text only, it’s very easy for messages to be stupid, because you can’t share any of that body language, any of that intonation, it’s just pure words, and trying to be funny, witty, can often fall flat.
So fortunately these are not major disasters.
But I don’t know what it is, there’s something about being able to look and identify these points that there’s something good about it.
Maybe it helps me to be comfortable with the idea of failing, which means I’m more able to take new steps, take risks, try new things, because I’m okay with the idea of making mistakes and failing.
So as assignments go, this is pretty easy.
You don’t have to succeed in anything.
You simply have to make a note of a daily failure or mistake.
And I don’t think there’s any end to this.
I think this is every day, because every day is going to have something new, something uncertain.
And when we’re in new territory we don’t have a guaranteed certain step at every step of the way.
So I will commit to doing this for the rest of my life.
For the rest of my life I will make at least a mistake every day, and that will be OK.
This is what it’s like to travel in unknown territory.
So I’ll try my best to do things right, but I can look forward to a lifetime of mistakes.
That sounds so bad, and yet it is completely OK.
So you can be the judge of whether this live stream- whether listening to this was a mistake for you.
But if you so choose, I would love to hear about any mistake that you’ve made, something or somewhere along the day where something didn’t go quite right, and yet saying it out loud, thinking of it, calling it to attention at the end of the day, just leads me to conclude that it’s all right.
And if I didn’t make any mistakes, that would be a bigger problem because it would mean that I’m not trying.
So onward, keep trying, keep failing, keep trying again as we step into this unknown territory of the future.

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