Am I being a good character? Only character matters

So my idea for tonight is that nothing else matters except our character.
Some days go smoothly.
Some days are very difficult.
There are so many factors outside our control, so many things that we’re really at the mercy of.
The only thing we can really control is our own actions, to a degree, our own thoughts, to a degree, our own attitudes, and that is our task.
Our task is not to have perfect conditions to make sure everything goes right.
Our task is to have good character, to have the right mindset, the right attitude to face whatever comes.
Something I find refreshing, relieving about letting go of everything else and simply asking myself: am I living up to what I believe is good character?
Am I being a good character?
Am I taking a good mindset?
Am I taking the right attitude?
Am I doing good things?
Am I approaching this day with the right intentions?
As long as I can do that, I’m doing my work, I’m doing my job.
There are lots of open tasks in front of me now, as so often for all of us.
There are many loose ends, untied strings, untied loose threads.
There are questions, uncertainties, problems, with no yet identified solution.
And here I am, late in the evening, about to end another day, and I can’t solve all these problems.
But for now I can just ask myself: am I being a good character?
Do I have a good mindset?
From there I can be satisfied that I am on a good path, and the problems and the details of those problems- just start on one of them when it’s time, and start going.
But at the end of the day I can just reflect: am I living this day to the best that I can as a good person, the best I understand what that means?
If so, then for today my work is done.

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