Quest for a meaningful life: Why I’m starting this channel

Hello and welcome to my new stream.
I’m still getting used to this whole idea of being live on a stream.
Why am I doing this? I have wasted a lot of time in my life.
And when I have come to realize how short life is, how big each day is, I feel like I want to connect with a wider community of people who share this idea or can somehow benefit from it.
I want to share my experiences in overcoming escapism and running from life, wasting time, filling in time, defensive behaviours, self-soothing, hiding in a hole.
And it’s been a journey that has really taken off within the last two years of overcoming this and facing life head on.
I still have a long way to go and I do feel somewhat isolated because I don’t know many people who are sharing this path.
I feel like I have a lot to share, and even more so, I would like to learn from others.
And that is why I am beginning this journey.
My vision is to have a sort of community of people who are all trying to experience life in a full, real, deep way.
People who are working together to live the best life that they can.
I envision a kind of virtual community where we can be connected through conversation and supporting each other in this journey.
So I know I am now speaking to the wide open ocean of the internet, and I don’t know how anybody is going to find this.
But if you do happen to find this video, I would be very happy to hear any of your comments, and let’s get a conversation started.
I’m recording this as practice and just to get this ball rolling, and I will be back to make more of this, see where I can take this.
So this is welcome to the very beginning, and I look forward to the next steps.
See you next time.

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