Mindset nudge: Improving my environment nudges my mindset up from all directions

So often we find that mindset, state of mind, perspective, you know, we can really look at it as being entirely separate from the material world around us, because it really is possible to have any kind of mindset in any kind of conditions.
You could be in, you know, surrounded by misery and just living in a hole in the ground and still have this kind of kingly mindset where your mind is really, you know, has the state of this kind of royal elevation, even if you’re surrounded by squalor.
And on the other hand, you could be the owner of a great mansion and living in this palace and yet have the mindset of someone living poor and miserable, all through the perspective that we have on it.
So there is this basic separation there, where we can never depend on our environment to make us feel a certain way, and we never have to feel that our environment forces us to feel a certain way.
Which I find is reassuring to think of, because you never have to fear that your mindset will be automatically taken away.
Of course, mindset can change over time.
Maybe it will erode, and lots of bad thoughts, bad decisions, can go down into some bad mindset territory, but it’s not like external events will automatically force you into a bad mindset.
It really is one of the strongest things that we can have, and something that’s very resistant to the winds of fate.
Whatever way we’re being blown up to success, down to failure, but we can still keep that state of mind that we have.
But still, even though the mindset is not determined by the material environment, we can use that environment to influence our mindset.
It may be one of the powerful tools that we have to influence our mind is simply by what we surround ourselves with.
It’s almost like the room that we’re in becomes almost a part of our mind.
It becomes the environment of our thinking, becomes sort of built into the background of our thoughts, like a stage for the thoughts.
And yeah, if you think of it like a stage, you could have any kind of performance on any kind of stage, but certain stage will encourage a certain type of atmosphere and flavour for the performance.
So it’s the same with our environment.
If we live in an environment that is very squalid and miserable, then, although we absolutely can maintain that royal mindset, still, just everything coming in, every time we look around, we’re just sort of like being nudged in the direction of feeling miserable.
Because you look around, and you know, you see like cockroaches everywhere, like filth, and things are falling down, and it’s like it’s mouldy, and you know, that: it’s got to be really hard to maintain a strong mindset when just every time you open your eyes, every time you breathe in and smell it, you know, everything is just surrounded by things that encourage misery.
So as much as there’s that separation between mindset and our material surroundings, we can’t- we’re not completely isolated.
So we can use this, on the other side, to really use improving our material surroundings: we can use this as a tool to improve our mindset.
Imagine simply cleaning, simply cleaning the room, simply cleaning the area, arranging things in a way that encourages simple, clean, and strong thinking.
And it’s like the feeling that we want to create.
So you know, I like to have this kind of minimal, clear feeling.
So I like to have open space, sunshine, and everything being kind of spacious and clean and orderly.
And I find that that reflects into my thoughts.
And maybe this is an obvious thing, but seems like the next time that I feel my mindset is a little bit off, there’s something- I feel kind of cramped in my mind, something, or just feel kind of oppressed, something’s bringing me down, something feels uncomfortable, even though the material world around me does not directly control my mindset, I can use little adjustments around me, work on making my environment better, and then just passively, automatically, I’m gonna get these little triggers improving my mindset.
Instead of these little things that always keep reminding me, keep nudging me down, I’ll be kind of just gently nudged up from every direction.
Seeing the sunshine, seeing things clear, and we can use this as simply another tool to help keep our mindset getting better.

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