I’m no expert on life: Professional life gurus

One of the things that’s been uncomfortable about making all these videos is that here I am talking and delivering this monologue, but I don’t actually know what I’m talking about.
And you know, usually when you’re listening to somebody talk, it’s useful if it’s somebody who actually knows what he’s talking about.
Maybe you can learn from somebody that has some kind of higher level of experience and understanding of a particular topic.
But in this case the topic of this channel is life and how to live it and what to do with it.
And this topic is one that I cannot claim to be an expert in.
So here I am talking about something that I can’t claim to have any higher level of understanding in than anybody else.
Now, hopefully I’ve been able to give some kind of ideas, some kind of new perspectives that maybe some viewers haven’t thought about, to maybe give some kind of food for thought that can be helpful.
I think that’s the most that I can hope out of this.
It’s not a course in how to live life, but just some ideas that I have that I find helpful for me, that I hope can perhaps be helpful for somebody else as well.
Because what I find, a lot of the speakers on these kinds of topics, they come at it from the position of being a guru.
Now, they might not use the word “guru” because it almost sometimes has kind of a mocking sound to it, as being somebody who just knows it all and will tell you about everything.
Somebody who claims to have some kind of higher spiritual understanding.
But you know, a lot of the presentations and the talks on this topic are teaching you a certain thing.
Like “Here, this is how to live your life better.
Here is my advice.” Maybe some of my videos have that kind of sound to them, but for the most part, I’m just saying “Here’s some idea that I have.” So this is now my video where I can say clearly that I am not a guru.
I don’t have any particular special knowledge.
And when I think about some of these other gurus, I generally have a feeling of skepticism.
Who are these people that claim to understand life or the spiritual reality somehow better than other people? I mean, it’s possible that they do have a better understanding, but it seems like something that is very difficult to provide evidence for, difficult to prove.
It’s kind of like something to take on faith and simply trust that somebody has something to teach, based on something about the way they are that presents some kind of enlightened, wise image.
But I don’t trust any guru that I find on the internet.
I find that there’s this whole market of people offering easy solutions.
And it’s not entirely a scam, it’s not entirely just like pure tricks to take people’s money, but it seems like there’s so much of an opening to be deceptive and to take advantage of people that are looking for an easy way.
So I would advise caution to anyone who is looking for any kind of clear, simple answers, any kind of way that sort of makes life appear like a solvable problem, like some kind of equation that somebody knows the answer to.
I mean, if you put it like that, it sounds kind of hard to believe, and yet so much of the material that is available is presenting this kind of quick fix, quick hack, quick solution, ways to live your life correctly.
And it could be packaged as some kind of traditional system, it could be a self-development program, it could be any kind of program being presented as a way to fix your life and make it better.
So I would not advise that you completely ignore any such thing.
I mean, I think a lot of these approaches have a lot to teach that can be useful.
But whenever something is presented as being the answer, I immediately feel very skeptical.
So this video now is me saying that I have no answers, and I don’t believe that other people have answers either, although what do I know? I would be very curious to hear your experience with this.
Are there any systems that you find maybe not “solve” life overall, but that can somehow be very helpful in this way, or is it really just a matter of we’re all just trying to figure it out, and nobody has any clear higher level of wisdom? I’d be curious to hear how you feel about this.

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