Closing my mouth: I’ve said everything I can think of

Those who know me know that I’m usually happy to share my opinion about something and happy to talk about subjects that I’m interested in.
And this channel, I’ve been doing it for many hours of time now, just me talking about life.
And of course, as big as life is as a topic, and of course there’s always more things to talk about, but I’m afraid to say that I may be reaching the end of what I can actually think of to talk about.
To have something to talk about every day for approaching a year, and I’ve covered a lot of topics, and I’m running out of new things to say that do not repeat.
Because, as I mentioned in the last video, I really don’t have any special knowledge about life.
There’s no special advanced education, advanced degree, PhD in life, with which I can present my findings.
I’m just another person trying to find my way through life, find a good way to live life.
And so I’ve talked about various issues that are related to living a good life, thoughts about how we can find meaning in life, how we can have greater self-control and direction in life, how we can avoid various mental traps and adjust our mindset, ways to celebrate life and enjoy it and live it.
And now I am coming to near the end of everything that I can possibly think of on this topic.
So finally, at the end of one year of making a video every day, I am going to stop, and after that, will have to change to a more moderate schedule of publishing.
So my original plan was to get through to 1001 videos in 1001 days, because it’s just a fun number.
But one year, including the anniversary, coming to 367 days: that will be my daily publishing.
And after that, maybe once a week I will continue.
So what does it feel like to run out of ideas? There’s something kind of- I mean, it’s certainly humbling to run out of things to talk about, to run out of ideas, without repeating.
But you know, so much of this is the most vague and abstract topics of all, this kind of overall life stuff, that it’s very difficult to say anything conclusive about it, because there is no conclusion to how to live life.
There is no final answer that I can give as being “This is what life’s about, and this is how to live it.” It’s all this very grey area stuff, very much shot in the dark of these ideas that I’m hoping can in some way be helpful to somebody.
And for now, I would like to hear from others about these ideas, and I would like to publish the views and perspectives and thoughts of other people about some of the topics raised here.
But as for me, I will now be sort of summarizing the various threads and topics that I’ve covered over the past year, and I will be trying to come up with, if not conclusions, but some kind of last thought about it for now of the different things, the different areas, that have been touched on over the past year.
And then I will leave it open to whatever comes next, whatever new ideas come up.
But here, this video is simply to say that I have said everything that I can think of about this topic, and so now, my mouth will close.

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