The fundamental things apply: The business of life carries on

I have now officially reached my limit.
I have nothing new to say about this pandemic lockdown situation.
At first, I didn’t even want to say anything at all about it to begin with, because it’s such a transient thing that is gonna come and go.
And you know, who’s gonna want to hear about coronavirus updates, you know, a few years from now, except those few that are going into some kind of historical rabbit hole? Soon we’re gonna move on, and there may be new pandemics, there’ll be new situations to deal with, but what I’d rather talk about are the fundamental things, the things that continue to apply no matter what the present ever-changing world circumstances are.
But I was unable to keep myself from talking about it, because it really just took over everything.
I mean it was the story that changed everybody’s lives, and we all had to deal with it one way or another.
I still can’t say that it has entirely sunk in, even after all these weeks, because it’s still so strange, and the way things were, our way of life just evaporated over a matter of a few days, weeks at most, and it’s just gone, and we’re in this new situation now that nobody’s ever experienced before.
And no, it hasn’t really entirely sunk in.
It’s still a strange new world.
So I just started talking about it and thinking about everything that was somehow hitting me about this new situation, as we all adjust to it.
But it eventually reached the point where I had simply nothing more to say.
And you know, when you look at the news, you look at what’s going on, there isn’t all that much new we have, OK, I mean it’s now spread everywhere for the most part, and we’re all in lockdown, and we’re talking about how, you know, maybe it will end, where and when will it end, how will it end, lots of speculation, which is what the news is full of when they have nothing new to report.
And what can you report? New deaths, new infection figures.
And then, of course, the upcoming economic problems, just this gut punch to the way of life, just this sort of even a suffocation of the regular way of economic activity, as we just sort of like “pfft”, just gone, regular life was just removed.
So yeah, we talked about all that.
We’ve all talked about all that.
We’ve all talked about that for a month at least.
And really, I would love to hear if there’s something that I’m missing.
Is there some other angle yet to be discussed? It’s amazing how long it lasted, that you know, it seems like usually a news story gets old within a few days.
There’s not that much more you can say.
But this one just seemed to be this loop.
And yet, always after the time passes of a big event like this it usually seems to be less big than it did at the time.
At the time, it’s like wow, everything is changing.
And yeah, of course, there are many big changes still to come.
But the feeling that everything’s changing is clearly an exaggeration.
The fundamental elements of life do not change, no matter how much these circumstances on the surface of life change.
So it really brings to light how much so much is temporary, so much is transient, so much could change at any time, and yet human nature, and the fundamental way of nature: that continues.
And now that this time of freaking out, of “Oh, what’s this whole new world? What’s going on?” Now that’s really getting old and starting to fade into normality.
Now it comes back to the fundamentals once again.
How can we live our lives the best that we can? And these questions would be the same in 2019, 1919, the year 19, 1900 BC.
Wherever you place yourself, no matter how much you imagine the changes in the way of life, obviously huge changes, and yet the basic fact of life and nature, the human, the universe: this is still going on.
So as far as I’m concerned, it is back to business, the business that never really stopped.
The business of life carries on.

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