Self-alignment: Aligning with your inner voice

I’ve been thinking more about this idea of the internal voice.
And maybe voice is not quite the right word, because it isn’t necessarily- it isn’t really gonna be like a voice, like somebody talking to you, but it’s this kind of a feeling, a feeling, this kind of a vague sensation which I’m trying to describe, where you can just feel that something is somehow right or wrong, and it’s something inside that you can feel is not an external influence.
It’s not a message coming from outside, where somebody’s trying to influence me from outside.
Now of course, it could still be dependent on my training, my upbringing, my background, my experience, that could possibly have trained me to have this internal feeling, so it’s hard to tell what is absolutely kind of natural, if there is such a thing, versus what is acquired and learned over time.
But something that is so much built in that it’s become deeply part of who I am.
So somewhere inside, there’s a feeling that a message is being delivered.
And it could be a feeling that something feels right, or that something feels wrong, and it just is sort of there.
And I think this can be a powerful concept to really look into.
Because if we can identify that voice, identify what’s coming from deep inside, versus what’s coming from maybe more surface layers of ourselves, layers, things that are more easily influenced by what’s around us, if we can tell the difference between the voice that is really built in versus, you know, all the influences around us, it seems like that can be very useful.
And I think like a concept that describes this is this idea of alignment.
And I love the idea of alignment.
It seems to connect with so much of self-development and making good choices and living a good life.
It’s this idea that there’s something that is good, and we align with it.
We live in a way that is in accordance in agreement with this thing, the way things should be.
Regardless of how we feel.
Of course, all the details could be an endless conversation, endless disagreement about what are the details of what are “the way things should be”, but in some sense there’s this idea of goodness and what is right, and we can live in alignment with it, where we are in harmony with this idea, or we can certainly move away from it so that we’re doing things that we choose in the moment, for whatever reason, to go in particular directions, and maybe over time, those directions, they can take us very far away from that internal sense of what’s right.
And through the habit and repeated action, we can just keep moving away and away and away, to the point where we completely forget about what it is like to be following that inner voice of what’s right.
We can just completely lose sight of that entire concept.
I mean, I haven’t been clearly thinking about this concept for a long time, or if ever.
So now that I think about things this way, it’s like I’m being reminded that there’s a possibility of listening to ourselves in a way that we can get back into alignment with what is best for us.
Somewhere in there.
And it’s so open to debate about what is this voice? What does it mean? What is rightness? what is this goodness? What is this thing? And what is the the voice that is reaching us from there? But somehow, there’s a part of us that can kind of, in one way or another, perceive what is this right way, and we get just a little hint when we are following it or we are moving away from it.
And maybe for some people, this is a very strong, clear voice, and for others, maybe the voice is completely muffled into silence.
But it seems like there is this voice there, that somehow, if we look deep enough into ourselves, we can often find answers for things that we cannot really decide on on the surface.
We can come up with all these reasons why we don’t want to follow the voice.
But it seems like it’s there.
So this is my conjecture, and I wonder how much this is true.
So I want to further investigate this idea, and I’d love to hear if you’ve had any experiences with this feeling of an internal voice or internal hint guiding you toward something or away from something, and this sense of being in alignment with it or out of it.

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