Once in a lifetime break from routine

Over the past week or so here we’ve been seeing this increasing level of lockdown, started with, you know, a few major events cancelled, OK, don’t travel to certain places, then it became don’t travel anywhere, don’t go to even medium-sized events, and then it’s basically don’t go anywhere, basically just stay at home.
Even though we’re not getting that as the official message yet, that you must stay at home, but essentially any kind of gathering seems to be being cancelled, and we’re going into several weeks of what might be, you know, slightly exaggeratedly called a “lockdown”.
So, in this time, what can we do? There’s something so unique about this situation.
It really is a unique opportunity.
Right now, all the attention is on the details of it, the fears, what might happen, what might go wrong, it might blow over, it might be the next Black Death.
But once it all passes, it will all pass at some point, and once it all passes, we’ll look back at this time and we can ask, well, what did I do with that time? That was a unique situation where routine was broken.
Every time something breaks routine, it’s an opportunity to make a change, to do something that we’ve been delaying doing because of one excuse or another, one block or another, one reason or another why we don’t have enough time to do it, we have other commitments that are getting in the way.
For whatever reason, we can’t do the thing.
But when there’s the break in routine, suddenly we have a chance to strike in that moment and make a change that otherwise might never happen.
And this is the opportunity that we have right now.
for these next few weeks, with so many regular routine events and programs and happenings not happening, we now have this ability to make this something that we’ll remember.
Start something or deepen something, further some kind of a project, some kind of something that we’ve always wanted to do, something we’ve been putting off.
Now is the chance to do it.
Or, of course, we could just while away the time in entertainment.
And of course, that can be part of it.
And relaxation.
I mean, that’s a simple program right there.
We don’t need to, you know, jump into becoming superheroes of productivity during this time.
We can also use some of this time to slow down and relax, of course.
But I think we will look back on this as being really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Of course, you never know, could happen again, but it seems like this is the kind of thing that is really a unique event that may certainly never happen again, to this degree, in our lives.
And for the rest of our lives, this will be some point that’s looked back to in memory, looked back to in history, and we might be asked, well, “How was that time of this pandemic lockdown? What did you do with that time, grandpa? What did you do with your time in this unique situation?” So it seems like why not use this opportunity? I am starting with just, of course, starting with a simple relaxation, starting with just letting everything slow down, and I’m going into greater appreciation of nature.
I want to look for ways to build in appreciation of nature and the simple patterns of life.
Find ways to build this simple appreciation into my everyday life.
And I want to sort of sort everything out, simplify life, and get everything going at its own kind of comfortable sustainable pace, that by the time this ends, I will be in a position of a solid foundation to move forward into the next step.
That’s just my example, but it seems like for each of us, there’s some kind of a thing that has sort of been- we kind of think that it might be good to do, but for whatever reason, we’ve been holding back, or we see it as being not possible.
But now, this is one time that may never recur again where the rules have changed, the routine has changed.
Things that might not have been possible now are possible.
So I’d be very curious to hear what you’re doing with this time.

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