Less talking, more living

Well, it’s now been two years of making these videos.
First year, it was a video every day.
Second year, it was a video every week.
And now I think it’s time to move down to a video every month.
Because basically, I am running out of things to say without repeating myself.
So when I made that video about making your own calendar, where you can make your friends birthdays and make it part of your personal holiday calendar: well, then I saw that oh, I had already made a video about that.
Sometime during my 365-day, 365-video year, I had made a little video mentioning that idea, and completely forgotten about it.
And now I’m saying it again.
And I think this may start to happen with some of my other videos as well.
There’s only so many things that I can talk about, although I still have a long list of ideas for other topics to talk about.
But I think I’ve touched on a lot of what I want to.
So that’s why I’m bringing it down to once a month.
I still want to continue, continue these conversations, but I really want to hear more from others and get some new ideas.
Because I feel like I have put enough out there for now, and if I keep trying to force out more videos at a high frequency, I really will just start repeating myself.
Now, I know I could just repeat myself.
I mean, many channels do that, and that’s fine, but it does seem unnecessary.
So eventually I reached the point of thinking: talking only gets you so far.
Words only get you so far.
Life is not really about living out these kind of ideas and words and thoughts.
It really can only be experienced.
So I think to really have a great life, we simply have to live life.
And I think many people can just go through life without having all these thoughts about it.
We don’t really need to have all these kind of thoughts about life.
We can just live our lives.
And for some people, it’s difficult to do that, because life is not feeling right.
Something feels off with life.
And that’s when we have to go through this whole thing of: What’s going on with life?
How can my life be better?
What can I do?
How can I improve myself?
This whole journey of self-improvement where we go through all these ideas and find ways to adjust the way we live.
And that’s what I’ve been doing over the past couple years.
And I see these videos as a whole collection of different ideas of possible ways that maybe we can make some adjustment to our lives to make life better.
But this can never be the centre of life, or the focus of our life.
It’s only a tool.
And I think that the whole self-development world is something to do some of the time.
It’s not like a full-time thing.
We can’t be too focused on self-improvement, because it’s too much of an attempt to kind of control ourselves in some kind of logical system, design our lives in this very kind of deliberate way.
But ultimately, life is still a great mystery, and we don’t really have a full understanding of what it’s all about.
And to try to design it in some kind of precise way, I think, is kind of missing the point.
Or you could just look at everything I just said and just say, well, it’s not that that’s not true, it’s just that I need a break from it.
There’s a break.
It’s like if I’m going to design my life, part of that design is the kind of unconscious, not-thinking aspect of it.
The simply stopping trying to improve.
And that’s, I think, really the point, is that sometimes you just have to stop trying to improve your life, and you just live your life, and let what happens happen.
Which sounds kind of like giving up, but I think it’s all part of the the overall design.
Because it’s just easy to get stuck in this kind of over-analysis, and I have been doing that for the past couple years, just analyzing every aspect of life.
And I believe that these tools have value.
But there is a limit to the value that they have.
And ultimately, life is only something that we can learn about through living it.
So I believe I have said what I want to say, and there’s a whole collection of videos that talk about all these different things.
And so for the next year, I will be posting one video a month, and as my new ideas develop.
I look forward to seeing what happens the next year, and I would also love to hear any feedback from you and to hear about what ideas you’re working on.
And let’s continue the conversation.

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