Human electricity: Grounding your electric charge

Another metaphor that I enjoy thinking about is to think about us as having this kind of electric charge, as if there’s electricity flowing through us.
Now, electricity is something that I’ve always had a hard time understanding, really grasping what it is.
It’s this invisible force that can be measured and understood in so many different ways.
But I find it difficult to really get a grasp on exactly what it is.
But there is a sense with electricity that it’s always flowing towards something, and there’s this idea of being grounded.
And when the electric force is grounded, the electricity will flow into the ground.
It’ll just like shoot in, empty into the ground.
It escapes into the earth itself.
Whereas when something is not grounded, the electricity is there in the thing, separated from the earth, and it can really go anywhere else.
So imagine some kind of electric, some kind of electric machine that is not connected to the earth.
That’s like if we have this energy, we have this charge inside us, but there’s nothing that it’s directed into.
It doesn’t have a clear escape point that we can direct our energy in.
So it’s kind of this loose potential of energy that’s just ready to zap things.
It’s ready to sort of flow into wherever it can find something that can possibly accept the electrons, accept the energy, accept the electricity.
It’s just ready to flow into it.
So this is like being full of energy and having no outlet, having no place for it to go.
And I think so many of us have this feeling.
I certainly understand what it’s like to somehow feel like I have so much energy, but I have no clear idea of where it should go.
And in this condition, it seems like we’re ready to kind of zap anything.
We’re ready to like put energy into whatever we can find that can accept the energy, and just ready to really get very excited about some little things.
And this seems to me maybe the state where becoming really emotionally charged up over very small things, one possible way of looking at it is we have this energy, this energy outlet, that we sort of attach to.
Something comes up, and we just dump so much energy into it, as an outlet for this charge that we have.
So if we don’t have a clear outlet for our energy, then we’re always looking for these little outlets everywhere, and all these little things can be getting our energy.
I mean, how common is this, for us to be putting so much energy into minor things, and then later looking back and think “Why did I care so much about that little thing? Why did I put so much effort and intensity and energy and thought and time all into these things that, really, now I can see are not that important?” Maybe it’s because we have no clear idea of something really significant to put our energy into.
But then it seems like, if we do have something valuable, something that really feels meaningful, that we can put our energy into, then that’s like being grounded.
That’s like being grounded to the earth, so that the electric charge can flow right through into the earth, so that it’s just an endless outlet for our energy.
Something that we can really believe in.
Once we can find that, something that really seems like something that is worthy of spending our life energy on, then we can really let the energy flow, and it can just be smoothly flowing through into what we’re doing.
And then all those little things that were before taking so much of our energy, pulling us in all directions, scattered everywhere, instead the energy is grounded, and it just flows through into the thing that we really care about.
Whether it’s- whatever is the meaningful project.
Creative project, living life, family and people around you, anything that is really meaningful.
It can then get this charge of energy, and we can put our energy into things that matter, instead of scattering our energy into all the little things that come up.

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