Global electronic meeting room: Using technology for connection

So as much as I can complain about how, you know, we’re living too much in electronic world, you know, too many screens, and we should remember the real natural world, blah blah blah, all heard this before.
I’d say most people agree in principle, although it’s just a matter in practice of how practical we consider it to be to spend time in the natural world, when for so many of us, our economic life, working life, and our social life are based in screens.
But rather than complain about it again today, I want to think about what I can actually do, and what we can do, to make use of the new technology, the new situation.
Now, as much as this technology leads to us being isolated, because we always have this screen in front of us, and less time actually interacting directly with people, but at the same time, this communication technology allows us to have communication at all with people all over the world.
There’s the ability to communicate with people that, in the past, we would have never met at all.
I mean, throughout history, we’ve mostly been limited to communicating with people in our immediate environment, people that are in the same town.
We can meet and communicate.
But now we have the ability to communicate with anybody around the world.
So it seems like this ability is not being used as much as it could be.
I mean it’s one thing to have, OK, you can call anybody in the world, but who are you gonna call? You don’t just call people and start talking to them.
You can email anybody in the world, but who are you gonna email? But now we have this technology of being able to have video conversations, and it’s almost like being in a room together.
I mean, imagine you could have an online room where anybody could simply join, and you could make it as much as possible like a real room.
So that, you know, it’s a space, it has some kind of purpose, a shared purpose that it’s meant for, and then anybody can simply show up, knock on the door, or maybe just open the door and walk in, and there you can have conversations with the people who are there.
And anybody can just go in and out.
Of course, it doesn’t have the real, physical, direct interaction of a real room, and it certainly doesn’t replace it in any way.
But the advantage of it, what it can be used for, is that this can be one virtual room shared by anybody in the world.
So that if you create a room around a shared interest, say you have a very specific interest that nobody else has, maybe, or or nobody else you know has, you’re interested in some very specific thing, then you might have a room in the world, and you could hang out there and invite anybody.
Anybody who’s interested in, you know, your topic, you could say “Come to this room and we will hang out and talk about it.” But let’s say if you’re interested in something really obscure, then you might not find anybody who’s interested in talking about it.
But if you create this as a virtual room, as a room that anybody can connect to around the world, it seems like you now have a much better chance of finding somebody who can share your interest.
So it seems like this is what’s missing, is this feeling of having a place, a room.
We can send messages, but we don’t clearly have as much of a feeling of I can go to a place virtually and have the feeling of meeting people in that place.
Now if there is, if you know of any kind of technology system set up like this, please let me know, because this is what I’ve been looking for for a while and imagining, that we can make the most of this technology to find people to connect with anywhere in the world.
So it’s almost like you can imagine, I guess, it’s like a video call, but it’s sort of like a permanent video call where anybody can sort of join or leave at any time and have a discussion.
So with all the disclaimers about how electronic life does not replace the real world, we can still use this light speed technology, the ability to communicate light speed anywhere in the world, and use this to actually create more connection.
The technology seems to be there.
I’m just not quite sure how to apply it.
So I’d love to hear any ideas on this.

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