Flowing in harmony with the universe

I’ve been thinking about this whole idea of harmony and alignment with things, making choices that bring us in harmony with what’s going on, versus instead trying to fight what’s going on and trying to kind of deny reality.
And you know, one way to deny reality is simply by escapism, simply by not thinking about it.
Maybe that’s the simplest way if you’re able to.
If you’re not forced to confront head-on any of the ugly aspects of reality that you’d rather not deal with, then you can simply pretend that reality doesn’t exist and carry on in your imagination.
And I’ve certainly spent enough time doing that.
And on the other hand, you can try to rebel against reality and simply fight against it, resist it with the power of your individual spirit.
Which, you know, I think when you put it like that, it sounds kind of noble and great.
But really, rebelling directly against reality is not going to help anything.
Of course we can rebel against certain aspects of reality.
We don’t have to accept everything about the way things are and just like “Oh, well, I’m just gonna go with the flow.
Just whatever things are, I’ll just carry on.” Of course we can fight for change and change the way things are.
But we can’t directly fight against reality and say, you know, “I just- I’m just not a fan of gravity.
Gravity is really bringing me down.
Just really holding me down.
And I’ve just had enough of gravity, and I’m gonna rebel.” Now that would be very- it could be a noble and a great storyline, maybe, of a rebellion against gravity, and maybe, you know, the whole history of flight, and maybe you can go up in a balloon or go to space or something.
So there’s always ways around it.
So it doesn’t mean that we have to simply accept everything.
And I think it’s important to not let this idea of being in harmony and alignment, being in flow, that that doesn’t mean that we just accept how things currently are with no change.
But there’s something about the way things are, the way the universe works.
Beyond any kind of particular situation that we happen to be in the moment, that’s always possible to change.
But certain things about this, just an idea about the way things work, the way life is, the way the universe is at a very basic level.
And you know, if you want to sound all religious about it, you can call it God’s will.
You know, if you’re thinking of it like the Tao, you could you think of it as like, you know, flowing with the Tao.
You know, in the Sikh tradition, it’d be the hukam.
And you know, if you just want nothing to do with any of that religious stuff, it could be purely atheist, it can be maybe being in flow, in a flow state, or just through a rational, reasonable understanding of the evidence presented by the universe, making decisions that are in alignment with the evidence as presented.
And that could be a more rational way to describe it.
But I think it’s really kind of the same thing.
It’s really all part of the same idea of being in harmony with the universe, being aligned with what’s going on, so that we make our decisions in a way that flows with the way things are.
Instead of trying to rebel against and say, you know, “I want what I want, even if that’s not the way things are.” And it is kind of a tricky concept, because, you know, it’s hard to think of it without thinking of this, you know, it’s kind of like giving up.
It’s like, well, “I’ll give up about what I want and I’ll simply do whenever I think the universe wants.” And so, you know, it kind of feels heroic to kind of rebel against that and say “No, you know, I can change the world.” But as much as that works from every practical, material, specific thing, that’s always open to change as the world changes, but there’s a certain kind of fundamental flow to the universe, the way that life is, the way the universe is at a fundamental level, beyond all systems that can be changed, overthrown, you know, rebelled against, revolution, new systems, all the world of change, there’s a fundamental kind of way that the universe is, and the way that things kind of flow.
The nature of time, of life, of the material world, of the way things unfold, that’s so hard to describe, really, in any clear way, but it can be kind of sensed, I think, in one way or another.
And so many of the religious, spiritual, mystical traditions, as well as traditions of science and reason, are just simply trying to understand something about this basic flow of the universe.
So whatever it is, it seems like when we can be aligned with it and flow with it, then we really kind of fit beautifully into the universe, and it leads to good things.
So as to exactly how to figure out what is this nature of the universe, well, that is a big question and I would love to hear any suggestions.
Where do you go to this, to find this? How do you get a clue about what the universe is calling for?

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