Could wonder be enough for a meaningful life?

This universe is so big, so full of mystery, mystery beyond what we know, and even of the things we do know, so much about them is mysterious.
There are wonders that are explained and they’re still wonderful, and there are wonders that we have no idea how to explain.
And beyond all of that, there’s the most basic mystery of all: why does anything exist? Why does anything exist at all? Why is there a universe? Why is there life? We live our whole lives within these giant mysteries, and they never end.
And I guess for most of us, for everyday life, you know, it kind of fades into the background.
It’s like the air we breathe.
We don’t think about it.
It’s just there.
And there doesn’t seem to be any hope for a solution, so it’s understandable to just kind of forget about it, and we don’t need to even think about it.
But I find thinking about this kind of basic mystery fills me with a feeling of wonder and awe.
And even if I don’t think about that basic mystery of why does anything exist, simply appreciating some of the wonders that are available in the universe, the things that are amazing that are around us: that to me triggers this feeling of wonder, which is a wonderful feeling.
I didn’t intend to uh make the pun there.
But just it works, doesn’t it? The word wonderful means good.
It’s full of wonders, full of wonder.
It’s wonder.
Something that makes you feel amazed.
And there’s just so many things in this universe that can trigger that, because there’s so much going on.
And we all share this universe.
No matter what corner of the universe we’re in, various things in our own lives that may be interfering with our ability to really appreciate, enjoy, experience this great universe, this whole wide picture of things, we are still sharing this same universe, and it’s there for any of us to appreciate.
We can get this feeling from the biggest things, and one of the most basic things is the night sky, seeing the stars.
Even with no idea of how to explain them, it’s just amazing, but everything that science has done to explain the stars doesn’t make them any less amazing, to imagine that these are giant suns that are incredible distances away and in incredible numbers all around us.
And all the amazing things about the earth, the natural features, the oceans, mountains, the natural disasters showing the might of nature.
The whole world of all the animals and the plants that are living on this earth.
And then, of course, all the people.
There’s the wonder of all the different kinds of people, the range and the depth of all the people that we can meet and interact with or somehow learn from and experience.
And even going down to the microscopic level, we can zoom down to the tiniest speck.
Anywhere, you can just pick a tiny speck of dust or of a grain of sand, and then you zoom in on it and it’s an entire world of complexity that is as complex as we could imagine the whole world ourselves.
It’s like a world in itself within each speck.
And this is the world that we’re surrounded with at all times.
And yet, so many things seem to get in the way of simply enjoying the fact that this is amazing.
But it is there, and it’s there all the time for everybody.
So I sometimes wonder: is this enough? Is wonder enough to give meaning to life? Sometimes it seems to me that just being able to experience this universe is satisfaction enough for this life.
And that even if very bad things happen in the world, they still will be very interesting to behold.
So no matter what, this chance to experience the universe is here, and this is my best guess for what perhaps a meaning of life might be, a meaningful life.
Possibly this is it.
But I wonder if that is enough, and I wonder whether it’s just me that thinks that way because of my particular curious temperament.
And maybe not everybody has the same reaction, and maybe there are other things that come into play.
So I would love to hear your perspectives on this.

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